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AKC name Starr Creek Blue Phoenix of KAR Farm

Phoenix's date of birth is 3/9/2017. We got her when she was 8 weeks old from Katelynn Starr ; Starr Creek Danes and Bulldogs

Phoenix is our biggest dane with some European bloodlines in there! She has the sweetest temperament! She DOES know how big she is and she gets her way! Her only fault is that she drools! :) Phoenix passed all of her OFA Health testing.


Phoenix's 1st litter with a Fawn male, Bane, was in August 2020. She had 7 puppies total, but one was D.O.A. :(

Faline was my keeper girl from this litter.

Phoenix's 2nd litter was with Elton. She had 17 babies! One was DOA and one died at 2wks of age due to an unknown injury that resulted in a systemic inflammation. :'(

Phoenix's 3rd and final litter was born on 3/1/22. She had a total of 12 puppies in her belly, but 3 were stillborn and I was unable to revive them! :(  Of the 9 surviving, 4 were girls and 5 were boys. I kept a boy (Muncie) from this litter because I saw how the males turned out from this pairing last year litter. The remaining 8 went to Wonderful homes!! Two of them went to homes that got their full sibling last year!

Phoenix got spayed in June 2022 and

is now retired.

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