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AKC name: KAR Farm's Fawn Faline

Faline is our keeper girl that we kept from our first Great Dane litter out of Phoenix and Bane inAugust of 2020. She was the third born of the litter and I delivered her in the back of my van as my friend was driving us back from the Vet at 3am! Out of all 4 girls in the litter, she was the only one who carried the Harlequin coat color gene.

Faline is near complete with all of her OFA health testing.


11/2/23 UPDATE: Faline and Elton were bred on 10/28/23, if she takes Puppies should arrive around December 29th 2023! Should be able to confirm around Thanksgiving. Stay Tuned!!!!

Faline 4Sep23 Beautiful profile.jpg
Faline porch 9Jan22.jpg
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