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Hello, My name is Kris and my husband is Richard. Of the two of us, I am the one with a passion/obsession/addiction for dogs and animals in general! I have owned many dogs in my 30+ years of adult life. I am a firm believer in early socialization and obedience training. I have taken all of my large dogs to obedience training and have gone to the same trainer (Sue Bani -ALL Good Dogs).  I've also previously owned 3 Dobermans, 1 Australian Shepherd, 1 American Staffordshire Terrier and 1 Pitbull Mix. Some I had at the same time, and others were predecessors. I seem to be primarily attracted to the working group of dogs. After doing some research, I decided to get a Giant Schnauzer. We bought our first black Giant (Utley; 2010) as a pet only (From Fanta C Giant Schnauzers). Then when we decided that one wasn't enough we added two more at the same time, but from different breeders (Skansen and Magisterial) and get the Pepper and Salt (P/S) color (Payton and Boulder; 2014).   I showed both Payton and Boulder in the AKC confirmation ring. I gave up after a few points and no majors won. In 2016 we got our first Great Dane, Karson. Also bought him as a pet with no intentions to show or breed.  A year later (2017) we brought home our Blue Mantle female Dane, Phoenix (From Starr Creek Great Danes).  I had my first and only litter of Giant Schnauzer puppies Feb. of 2018. In December of 2019 we got our 3rd Dane, Elton, who is the smartest, unique looking Brindle Merle puppy! In August 2020 we had our first litter of Great Dane puppies out of Phoenix and a Fawn Stud named Bane (Fire and Brimstone's (FandB's) Bane Ruler of Shadows)!  Out of this litter I kept a Fawn female (Faline) with hopes to breed her to Elton in 2022! The most important things to me when deciding on producing a litter of puppies is that I do my best in making sure that both the sire and dam are OFA health tested, that both parents temperaments are outstanding and that the homes I place them in will be their forever LOVING home! :)  My dogs are my hobby, not a business and I may have one or two litters per year if all goes well and we all stay Healthy (People and Pets!).

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