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Words can't describe what this boy means to me. He was my First Dane, My first Love for the breed, and he holds a very special place in my heart. But in saying all that, I could not breed him mainly because of his temperament. But this did not stop me from still getting another Dane. :) He loves to be pet, he presses his head against me so that I have to pet him. When I open up his kennel door he just lays on his Kuranda bed until I come and pet him. He is always the last dog of the pack to warm up to any puppy. He wants them all to know He is the Favorite! His birthday is 12/28/15 . He just turned 6 years old this past December (2021). His favorite toy in the Kong Extreme Dog toy.


Karson 01Feb17 - Copy.jpg

Karson  was neutered when he was 4 years old (2019). When Elton matured (2021) these two started not getting along. They are kept completely separated due to escalated tension. Even though I am definitely the Alpha of the pack, I seemed to be invisible during an altercation between Karson and Elton. For the safety of us all, it is easier to just keep them separated 100% of the time.

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