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Faline/Elton Babies arrived on 12/27/2023!
5 Boys and 5 Girls

Elton x Faline breeding announcement Oct2023.jpg
All 10 on the bed 28Jan24.jpg

3 Available Puppies
All have their ears cropped now. Sorry for those who prefer the natural ears. There is a limited window of time to get their ears done and if they are going to stay here with me, I prefer their ears to be cropped.
NOTE: Their ears are tapped over their head, they are NOT chopped off!

Brazil ears cropped sitting.jpg

Brazil- Female

Bubbles ears cropped.jpg

Bubbles- Female

Bam Bam ears cropped 2.jpg

Bam Bam- Male

The Girls
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Banana 4wks beach.jpg


Bubbles 7wks with flowers.jpg
Blanche snow 4wks.jpg


Bagel 4wks balloons.jpg



Brazil 7wks sit.jpg

The Boys
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Bam Bam 7wks full_edited.jpg
Baker stump 28Jan24.jpg


Jersey succulents 4wks.jpg


Bravo 4wk water 28Jan24.jpg


Bronson 28Jan24.jpg


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