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I have considered the possibility of re-homing Soda for some time now, but could never get myself to start looking. Most of my dogs spend their kennels, especially when I am not home.  Soda is one that needs constant individual attention that I cannot give her.  I feel like the perfect family for her would be where she was the only dog. She gets along with most of my other dogs, but she has more energy than most which starts to get the others all hyped up. 
Soda is super smart and very lovable.  She just got her shots and is good for 3 years. She will be spayed before leaving my house. No appointment has been made yet. Soda is the smallest Dane I own (114lbs) and has a slight underbite. Her size and the underbite made me decide not to use her for breeding.
If you think she would fit into your family and you would like to meet her, please fill out the questionnaire on this page. Thank you. 

Soda 14Nov23.jpg
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